Featured Success Story: Lisa Sue and Basil  By

Featured Success Story: Lisa Sue and Basil

“Lisa is a burst of energy. Divorced and had been single for almost 4 years. She started going out dancing and doing things for fun and got tired of being approached by younger men. She said, “Girl – I didn’t want to be a cougar!“Going back into the dating scene was Oh My Gosh – crazy!” She was asked out a lot but couldn’t find the one. Nothing was working. She thought online dating was a wild thing to do so when she went on OurTime.com to find a mature man, she was very clear that she was looking for someone to marry. The very first person she was interested in meeting was Basil. She said she couldn’t believe he lived only 5 miles from her and they grew up in the same area.”

They really clicked and he wanted to meet in person. He suggested a fancy wine place. She thought, “I’m not into that hoity-toity wine thing.” So she suggested dancing. He thought, “why not.” Basil said, “I was always doing the safe thing…” so instead this time he tried something a little different. After the date, they both went home and cancelled their profiles. After that first date he says he wanted 25,000 more dates and 50,000 more kisses with her. He fell in love with her spirituality, says she’s the best cook in the world (his language of love), and loves her her willingness to go above and beyond and her smile.

“And can you believe I’ve been with this man every day and night since the first night we met? I live and breathe him.” Lisa says. He describes their union by saying, “Here’s the deal, we got lucky.” Basil went into online dating thinking “I can’t believe it can happen but when it does it’s like, Wow!…I’ve been waiting for you.”

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