Featured Success Story: Zenith and Bill  By

Featured Success Story: Zenith and Bill

Zenith has never been shy about online dating. Before the online community she answered personal ads to meet men. She has always felt it was a good way to feel out a person. She said she can usually tell about someone after communicating during the first or second hour. Zenith has been widowed 3 times in her life. Her 3rd husband died 2 years ago. She said regardless of her husband’s dying she loves the company of men and felt that she wanted to get back into dating. She has also encouraged her single daughter to try online dating.

She really loved the idea of SeniorPeopleMeet. She met Bill online and new right away he seemed special. He lives 10 miles from her. They met in person at a restaurant. He wanted to meet her outside so he could walk her in. He wore a suit and that really appealed to her. She also said, “He looked kind besides being a real gentleman.” Right now they spend weekends together because she likes having “me time” during the week. They spend all holidays together – especially Christmas. He doesn’t love Valentines’ Day but he stepped up. She says he keeps her on her toes and they laugh all day. They also love to travel. Her favorite place is Vegas – which he doesn’t like – but he will go for her. He loves to do sports and history stuff like visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame (she says SO boring) and going to see Gettysburg. She will go along with it if it’s important to him.

They have many weird coincidences that just make it feel so right. He loves busting her by telling her kids the things she says. They also love the same kind of food and the same movies.

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