Featured Success Couple: Melissa and Michael  By

Featured Success Couple: Melissa and Michael

Melissa is a pure ball of energy. She tried other dating sites before, but they didn’t suit her. She joined OurTime after she saw it pop up on Facebook and was on for 6 months before seeing Michael. Melissa lives in Indianapolis but spread her net throughout the country for her search. She said, “I put my radius in the whole USA because you may not meet the love of your life in Indiana!” She said she travels a lot and could meet people anywhere. Melissa saw that Michael clicked on her and she checked out his profile. She said he wrote in his profile that he wanted to meet a brunette so she wrote back to him saying, “I’m a strawberry blonde, you wanted a brunette?!” And then he wrote right back saying, “You’re in my favorite city!” At the time he was living in Tampa but he was from Indianapolis and specifically searched that area. Then she wrote to Michael saying, “If remotely interested then contact me.”

This couple kept all the threads to their electronic communication and turned it into a book. 700+ hours on the cell phones. 4000 text messages before meeting.

They met on the site November 29, 2011 at 8:35 pm
They met in person on December 20, 2011
They got engaged on February 22, 2012 at 2am
And got married on May 11, 2012 at 2pm

The first time they met Michael came to Indiana and Melissa’s home. She was having a hard time because she had injured her back. She was in bed all day and he was driving in. She said the first time they saw each other was in her garage. She described it like this: “The garage door started going up. I saw his feet, then his knees, then face and that was it!” Part of their first date was to go and visit Michael’s 94-year-old grandmother. He loved that she went along with that. She said their date wasn’t particularly sexy because of her back pain but did go on to say that they spent the first night together at a hotel in the honeymoon suite. She says, “Sorry to tell you that – haha!” After they married they went back and spent their honeymoon night in the same room.

Melissa loves everything about Michael. She says his voice is warm, inviting and comforting. Their conversations are symbiotic. She says, “He’s the most handsome man – ever. We should have met 30 years ago.” Melissa says, “Ourtime brought my ultimate happiness. It gave me the opportunity to meet my soul mate.”

Michael says, “Ourtime changed my life. It was the best $19.99 I ever spent!” And he says, “In only 2 days on the site, I found her.” He says when he went on the site he wasn’t looking for a relationship – he thought. Just a friend. Then he said when he met Melissa it changed my mind and became a wonderful whirlwind. He said, “I wanted substance and that’s Ourtime.” Meeting Melissa hit him “sideways” because he wasn’t marriage minded at the time. But he found out they have a similar upbringing and values. They are both OCD – middle children. He was drawn to her and the way she handled herself. He says, “When that garage door went up, it was magical. I was gob smacked!”

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