Featured Success Couple: Beverly and Jim  By

Featured Success Couple: Beverly and Jim

Beverly has been in the Daycare business for 27 years.  She currently cares for 4 children (ages 14-7-4 & 10mos.)  She has also been single for 7 years and thought it might be a good idea to try out OurTime.com.  Her sons thought it was a great idea.  When Jim’s profile popped up for her she thought he was perfect.  Their compatibility was almost a 10!  They chatted at least 100 hours before meeting in person.  They live about 6 hours apart and were a bit geographically challenged.  So they decided to meet each other halfway for dinner.  Their meeting was just perfect and they were both so excited to continue seeing each other long distance.  Now after 9 months together the long-term plan is to move in together.  Currently working out the details.  She says love is so much better now.  Jim loves motorcycles and she is having a great time with him doing bike trips.

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