“He’s sweet romantic and he washes dishes.”  By

“He’s sweet romantic and he washes dishes.”

“You might get a date and learn how to use the computer at the same time.” Is how BJ’s kids got her to join Ourtime.com.  She went on about 25 dates but nothing special until April 2012 when she saw Dennis’ profile. She describes Dennis as “The most unusual man ever.  Sweet and romantic with a beautiful voice, washes dishes and is sexy as hell.” They love to travel, play golf and yes – BJ says, “I’m still interested in sex!  – I’m not shy.”

Dennis went on Ourtime because he wanted companionship.  He saw the commercial and joined.  It was overwhelming at first but when he saw B.J.’s photo she really stood out.  It read, “I’m a type A personality and a smart alec.”  That made him laugh “She made me comfortable and we haven’t been apart since.”

Dennis moved from New York to Florida and they now live together.


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