Featured Success Couple: Donald and Eileen  By

Featured Success Couple: Donald and Eileen

Donald a retired firefighter who spent time at Ground Zero during and after 9-11. He was divorced shortly after that traumatic experience, and searched for years for someone special but was on the verge of giving dating altogether when he decided to try Ourtime.com and saw Eileen’s picture and profile.  He thought, “Wow!  Her eyes, her smile – just beautiful.”

Eileen, a widow, discovered the site through a friend. When she saw Donald’s profile it made her laugh. He wrote, “I am looking for an heiress.”  She thought that was hilarious.  They started talking and emailing….she loved his lightheartedness.

They both lived in New Jersey and arranged to meet for dinner.  Donald said, “Our first date was better than any Danielle Steel novel.  It was a super WOW!”  He thought their dinner would be a meet and greet but as soon as she took his hand he knew he was in trouble.

“You need someone special in your life, I don’t care what anybody else says.”  Donald has brought her laughter.  She says, “He completes my life.  I feel like my life is whole with him.”   He says, “We share everything.  We complete each other’s sentences.  We have the same thoughts.”  He said, “She’s a 10 algorithm in every category.”

They are talking about moving in together.  But for now they are planning trips to visit his family in Newport and planning a dude ranch getaway.

Donald said, “It has been terrific.  Ourtime.com gave me the opportunity to meet Eileen.”

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