Featured Success Couple: Terry and Kristi  By

Featured Success Couple: Terry and Kristi

Kristi claims to be a pioneer in the world of online dating. She first tried it in 1998 with “Great Expectations.” She said she went on hundreds of coffee and dinner dates and no one ever compared to Terry. Through all of her experience with online dating she grew and learned how to make better choices. Kristi and a friend, Joann went to an AARP convention and saw an advertisement for SPM. Her friend wanted to try it and Kristi helped her by putting her pictures on the site. When it worked for Joann, Kristi said, “Okay, I’ll do it also.” When Kristi clicked on Terry’s profile he wrote to her immediately. Terry’s email to Kristi read, “You are gorgeous but I’m sorry, I think you must have made a mistake looking at my profile.” Kristi wrote back, “NO.” And that was their beginning. When Kristie heard his voice on the phone she thought, “OMG, this is it.” She said he was so down to earth and normal.  After a few weeks of talking she flew to San Jose to meet him.

Terry did a little bit of online dating but nothing clicked. He was going to give up until he saw Kristi. When he noticed that she looked at his profile he then looked at her picture and thought, “This has got to be a mistake; she’s too beautiful for me.” Terry said he instantly fell in love with her smile and the twinkle in her eyes captured him.

Terry and Kristi’s first date was a trip to the Winchester house. Terry, retired from the Army, holds a PhD in Military History and is currently a Research Analyst for the Department of Defense. Kristi fell in love with his knowledge of history instantly. Terry said he really wanted to meet a woman of noble character that could be independent. He loves that about Kristi. After two weeks of dating he told her, “You’re my woman, I just know it.”

When asked what it was about Terry compared to all the other 100’s of coffee dates she had been on, she started to cry.  “I don’t know how to explain what he is…how do you describe a real man? Terry is a real man.”

Their long term goal is to get married but right now they are enjoying, “the journey to the destination.”

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