Best Advice for Dating Over the Holiday Season  By

Best Advice for Dating Over the Holiday Season

Being single and dating during the holiday season is not always easy. But keep in mind that this time of the year can be the perfect time to meet someone new. During the holidays, people often reflect and think over the past year, reminding themselves that finding a companion to share life with is a top priority and critical to their health, happiness, and wellbeing.

During the holidays, there are lots of opportunities to meet someone special at holiday parties, concerts, and events. Online dating is also very popular at this time of the year, since it has definitely become a successful way to meet someone who is compatible.

Here are 7 important tips to help you through the holiday season dating: 

1. Know you can be successful.

Be sure to focus on the positive. Studies show that a positive, optimistic approach is what people find most attractive, particularly over the holidays! If you need to change your frame of mind, use some “positive brainwashing” techniques by making a list of five things you love about your life. Focus on these wonderful aspects of you and your life over the holidays. In addition, remember that singles over 50 tend to be considerably happier than their younger counterparts and, on the whole, experience less stress about their personal lives.

2. Present yourself more carefully.

Dressing up for your dates certainly isn’t new advice. But how you dress on a first date not only leaves a lasting good first impression, it also comes across as a person who cares and is serious about dating. You don’t have to dress to the nines or put on a coat or tie. The goal is to wear something you feel comfortable in that presents you in the best light. If that means dressing up a bit, great!! It is a special time for many and most people dress up to celebrate the holidays.

3. Entertain an open mind.

If this isn’t your dream holiday or New Year’s Eve date, always show up with the attitude that this date is an opportunity to meet someone you might not have otherwise met. Even if you don’t have romantic chemistry, you may have found a potential friend.

4. Check your body language.

If you’re interested in someone romantically, make sure you use your eyes or body movements to express that attraction. Create and convey that interest with proper body language, eye contact, and posture. You want to sit or walk straight, look the person in the eye, lean your body into them (rather than away from them), and smile! Also, ask questions and let them talk. People love to talk about themselves and have someone listen.

5. Pump up the humor.

Women love men with a good sense of humor. Women like to laugh. A good sense of humor will put your date in a good mood and set the tone for your holiday date right away. Don’t make fun of yourself. Don’t be too serious. Enjoy, have fun, and laugh.

6. Plan ahead.

Think about what might be fun to do on your holiday date. If you pick the right activity, your holiday season date will be set apart from the usual dinner-and-drinks date. A movie is not a good date choice. A restaurant date or even something like a concert or small party would be good. The idea is for you and your date to talk, observe, and interact. Also, don’t invite someone to go to a holiday party with you, if you’re going to be so busy that you can’t spend time with him or her at the party.  

7. Safety always comes first.

If you don’t know your date well, it makes sense to meet at a neutral locale and get to know each other more before anyone lays eyes on your home. Also, even though the holidays are known for consuming lots of alcohol, do not drink a lot when you don’t know someone very well. Drinking reduces your inhibitions and makes it much more likely that you will say or do something you didn’t mean to.


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