Pucker Power: 5 Kissing Tips  By

Pucker Power: 5 Kissing Tips

When you’re interested in someone romantically, you often give nonverbal signals to the person long before you say a single word. Studies show that your eye contact, smile, posture (how you carry yourself), and your body language can all convey a message of, “Hey, I’m interested in you!” And don’t forget that the type of kiss you decide to give someone, and how long the kiss lasts, also says a lot about what you desire and the type of relationship you are interested in. So, the next time you lean in for a quick peck or a passionate kiss, remember the following 5 kissing tips to make sure you’re delivering the message you want to convey.

1.     Check your breath.

Fresh breath is very important. Make sure you brush your teeth, floss, and scrape your tongue before going out on your date. There is nothing worse than kissing someone with bad breath. If you eat before the actual kiss, have some mints or gum on hand to undo the damage from your meal. But be sure to finish the mint or gum before you actually do the kissing!

2.     Moisten your lips.

You want your lips to be slightly moist when you kiss, which makes it easier to move your lips over your partner’s. Run your tongue over your lips once before you kiss. Don’t wear lip gloss or a lot of lipstick unless you want your partner to wear it too after the kiss.

3.     Find the right position.

Stand close to your partner. As the two of you move closer together tilt your head slightly. If you can see which way your partner’s head is tilting, tilt your head slightly in the opposite direction.

4.     Close your eyes.

Just before your lips meet, close your eyes. Some people prefer to leave their eyes open during the kiss. But until you know what your partner prefers, it is best to close your eyes. It will definitely make your date feel more comfortable.

5.     Close or open your lips depending on message you want to give.

A closed lip kiss is the type of kiss you’d give your grandma or aunt. If this is your desire, instead of opening your mouth when your lips meet, keep them closed. This is also a good way of letting your date know this is as far as it goes. It also makes a great hello/good-bye kiss or a great first time kiss if you’re nervous. On the other hand, an open lip kiss sends a very different signal and message to your date. It says you view the person as more than a friend and you’re interested in your date romantically.


Dr. Terri Orbuch (aka The Love Doctor®) is a relationship expert for OurTime.com, as well as a professor, therapist, research scientist, and author of 5 best-selling books, including “Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship.” Learn more about her at: DrTerriTheLoveDoctor.com.