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Meet DJ

Meet DJ.

She’s got confidence for days and, although proudly independent in numerous aspects of her life, she’s decided she’s ready to Get Back Out There and start dating again via OurTime.

A divorcee with two children, describing DJ as a “go-getter” would be an understatement. She not only decided to attend law school in her mid-40s (subsequently passing the bar), but she’s an advocate for strong women in the workplace as a founder of the Raising the Bar Foundation.

Clearly, this woman has ambition. Her daughter and son are not only proud of their mom, but extremely supportive of her professional and personal efforts. They’ve encouraged her to Get Back Out There and have been offering her whatever dating advice they can!

Besides working extremely hard as a lawyer and mother, DJ tries to spend as much time as possible on the water. She loves to sail (she’s been a competitive sailor for years now), and scuba diving is one of her favorite past times — so much so that she is a certified underwater photographer and cinematographer.

Interesting. Smart. Available. If you’re interested in learning more about this amazing woman or striking up a friendly conversation, you can find DJ on OurTime.