5 Dating New Year’s Resolutions for 2017  By

5 Dating New Year’s Resolutions for 2017

Each January, people set goals to lose weight, get organized, spend less, or stay fit and healthy. Well there’s no better time of year to add “Get Back Out There” and meet people to that list.

It’s worth prioritizing and making a plan for your dating life. This is not about making a resolution to “meet the perfect person” in 2017. This is more about taking simple steps to set yourself up to meet great people in the New Year that could very well lead to a romantic connection.

These 5 dating New Year’s resolutions are easy, fun and will keep you on track to make meeting people just as important as other the things on your goal list.

Resolution 1. Take some new photos of yourself and upload them.

Ask a friend to take some new photos of you. Let your personality come through in your photos, and make sure they’re tasteful and truly representative of you today. Pick some of your favorites and upload them to your online dating profile.

Resolution 2. Identify the qualities you need in a partner.

Write down fifteen very specific qualities that you would like in a dating partner. It’s important to be specific because qualities like “funny,” “being good with children,” or “tall” mean something different to each and every one of us. Being specific will push you to reflect and think about which qualities you really need in a partner and which ones don’t matter at all. Defining the type of partner that you want to be with will increase your chances of meeting someone who fits your qualities.

Resolution 3. Initiate contact with at least 2 people every week.

Make time to take a look and read about the members on OurTime. You’ll likely find someone who seems interesting, but make a point to actually reach out to that person. Send a short message about why they piqued your interest and see where the conversation takes you. Challenge yourself to send out those two messages every week.

Resolution 4. Join a group that meets regularly.

One of the top ways to find new love is to join a group that meets often or to participate in a group activity on a regular basis. Join a book club, gym, sports team, political action group, religious group, or sign your dog up for an eight-week obedience course. Any activity that involves meeting and spending regular time with people who have similar interests can easily set the stage for new connections. 

Resolution 5. Plan to go out at least 3 times a month  

Whether it’s a date, a group outing or getting together with friends, put yourself in situations where you might meet new people. Hopefully, you’ll one of the people is someone you’ve reach out to on OurTime.

Add “Dating” and “Meeting New People” to your New Year’s resolutions and consider these 5 steps as a the keys to getting there.


Dr. Terri Orbuch (aka The Love Doctor®) is a relationship expert for OurTime.com, as well as a professor, therapist, research scientist, and author of 5 best-selling books, including “Finding Love Again: 6 Simple Steps to a New and Happy Relationship,” available on Amazon.com.  Learn more about her at: DrTerriTheLoveDoctor.com.