Our Gift To You On Valentine’s Day  By

Our Gift To You On Valentine’s Day

We have a Valentine’s Day gift for you that extends well beyond February 14th! OurTime is excited to announce our partnership with Dr. Robi Ludwig. Dr Robi. (that’s what you’ll know her as from now on) is the author of “Your Best Age Is Now”.

What we liked so much about her book and her message is how much she knows and writes and what it means to Get Back Out There. From health to beauty and from careers to dating, she understands that midlife is a great, new starting point. And the more everyone can embrace the reality that life is about multiple, not just the young and old, chapters, the more we all stand to grow, learn and love no matter our age or circumstance.

Make sure to follow us on our social channels and blog to hear more from Dr. Robi. She’ll also weigh in on our recently published study about Dating after 50. We’ll be digging into different chapters from her book, diving into topics you want to hear and pulling pearls of wisdom and advice to which everyone can relate.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Here’s to knowing that what’s next could actually be the best.

Dr. Robi Ludwig & The OurTime Team