Roberta & Steve. Est: 2016  By

Roberta & Steve. Est: 2016

Roberta and Steve had pretty different relationship histories.

Both in their 60s, Roberta had never been married and Steve had been a widower for 14 years.

But that difference didn’t matter because they both decided to Get Back Out There and ended up connecting on OurTime in October of 2016. They’ve been together for seven months now and they’re really enjoying each other’s company.

“It’s amazing. I didn’t think I would ever meet anyone…it’s not that easy.”

What struck us about Roberta is how much she’s simply enjoying Steve’s presence without putting pressure on what will become of the future.

“We’re enjoying our time together and we don’t try to get ahead of ourselves.”

“We are both looking for a serious relationship but marriage isn’t something we talk about. I think that’s the benefit of being older. We’re enjoying our time together and we don’t try to get ahead of ourselves. There’s so much to do in Chicago so we’re always looking up new stuff and checking out shows and trying new restaurants and just catching up on the week.”

While they’re not focused on the future, Roberta did share that she brought Steve home for Passover to meet her family.

Passing at Passover

Roberta laughs when she tells the story. “I was so nervous to bring him home to my family but they liked him a lot. My cousin was the biggest skeptic and he even admitted to me in the hallway that Steve was a really nice guy.”

Roberta had been on other dating sites, but she admits that she felt more comfortable on OurTime. She always tells others to give OurTime a try because she feels like the experience is different and more in line with what she was looking for.

While they’re not making plans for the future, after a successful Passover dinner, Roberta looked at Steve and said “You passed the family test.”

We’re so happy for you Roberta and Steve! Keep us posted.