The Second Time Around – Guest Blogger Debbie. K  By

The Second Time Around – Guest Blogger Debbie. K


“I found a new best friend and even though we started late in life it was well worth the wait.”

Today we feature a short reflection from Debbie K., co-founder of the blog 60isthenew50. We loved the fresh attitude she and her husband David bring to their content. One topic they often discuss, based on their own experience is Second Marriages. To be clear, Debbie and David did not meet on OurTime but they did, at one time, believe that they wouldn’t find each other. To read more from Debbie check out 60isthenew50 where she blogs about answers questions from readers who are looking to make the most of their 60s and beyond.

Who Knew? By Debbie K.

I wasn’t expecting much being divorced and in my fifties.  I was a daughter, mother, grandmother and business owner.  Someone who had so many loyalties and was spread so thin that I could never imagine that I could accomplish anything without splitting myself into a hundred little Debbie’s to serve all my different commitments.

I wasn’t looking for it and I wasn’t expecting it, but here I am enjoying loving and being loved.

I still have trouble figuring out priorities and very often I feel torn, but the overall consequence of having the relationship is well worth my agonizing about logistics or David getting the short end of the stick sometimes.

We laugh together and I thought that that hysterical laughter till your sides ache was strictly reserved for really old friends and people you knew forever.  I once thought that David was so nice that he must be boring but I am still surprised at how in just our regular conversations can put me in stitches. And once he sees me, he starts cracking up too.

I found a new best friend and even though we started late in life it was well worth the wait.

We do really fun things together, including traveling to Spain, Italy, Morocco and other exotic places like a walk in Central Park.  We are more adventurous as a team than I would certainly ever be by myself.

I am 5 years into it and it is still fresh and wonderful.

So if you’re on your own, don’t lose hope.

To read more about Debbie and to get great tips and information on making the most of life after 50 visit her blog