“How I Found the Greatest Father’s Day Gift on The Internet” Guest Blogger Robbin K.  By

“How I Found the Greatest Father’s Day Gift on The Internet” Guest Blogger Robbin K.

My mother died very unexpectedly 2 1/2 years ago. My parents met in high school and were married 57 years. MyDad was alone and I could hear how sad he was when I spoke to him on the phone. I lived over 100 miles away and was very worried about him. I felt very helpless to help him through that difficult time. I asked him if there was anyone in his church he could ask to dinner or a movie and he said no.

A couple of days later I saw an ad for Our Time. I called my father and asked him if he would allow me to build a profile on his behalf. He does not email or get on the internet, so I knew I would need to help. He giggled at the idea, but agreed!  I created his profile for him. He seemed to be very popular within the community right away.

I made a proactive search and found a very beautiful woman named Carol. She had lost her husband 3 years before. Her profile stated that she was very active and wanted someone the same. She seemed perfect for my Dad, so I sent her an email.

Carol responded to me and we emailed back and forth.  She did not think it was odd that I posted for Dad, as her daughter, Sandy,  had made a profile for her!  I gave them each other’s phone numbers so they could take it from there. Their phone number have only a 1 digit difference. They ended up living 2 miles from each other and had seem each other before, but had no way to know they were both widowed and available!

I’ll never forget my Dad’s voice after he met Carol for the first time. His voice was shaky and he said, “Robbin– she is so beautiful!!! “. He also said how nice she was and how much they had in common.  I could hear the excitement in his voice. It made me so happy to hear him happy!

When I met Carol in person, I saw everything that he did! She is a beautiful woman inside and out! She is fun and active and such a blessing for my Dad! I am so happy to report that they have become engaged and will marry in a year!

To all those sons and daughters on Father’s Day today: don’t be afraid to help your parents get started in this new but amazing world of single people looking to connect. Going online might seem strange at first but there’s nothing strange about meeting someone to share your days and dreams with. Help them take the reigns so they can help themselves.

Robbin K. Austin, Texas