Part 1: Why You Shouldn’t Take A Bathroom Selfie  By

Part 1: Why You Shouldn’t Take A Bathroom Selfie


Navigating the age of “selfies” is tough. Finding the right angle, the right setting, and even the right facial expression to make sometimes seems impossible. However, in an effort to steer you in the right direction, we have one a piece of invaluable advice when it comes to selfies: don’t take one in the bathroom!

We get it. The bathroom is accessible. It typically has the biggest mirror in the house, therefore making it feel natural to hold up your phone and snap a selfie. The bad news is that bathroom selfies are a whole bunch of bad for a whole bunch of reasons, but for this post, we’ll stick to five main reasons why you should steer clear of the infamous bathroom selfie.

It’s not the best introduction

You might think you look the best in your bathroom mirror, but all anyone else is seeing is that you couldn’t be bothered to step outside your bathroom and take a real picture! Sure, it’s right there and easy to do, but just as you want to present your best self to a potential interest, you wouldn’t ask them to meet you in your bathroom.

It’s not the ideal setting

More often than not, bathroom selfie-takers don’t stop to check their surroundings. That is, too many times you can see lots of things in the background of a bathroom selfie that you shouldn’t. You probably don’t want your crush to see what brand deodorant you wear just yet. It makes for a lot of post bathroom selfie hurt. Don’t let this happen to you.

It’s not your best look

Even if you have vanity lighting in your bathroom, chances are your picture will still turn out less-than-stellar. This is because bathrooms weren’t meant for taking self-portraits. Instead of attempting a bathroom selfie and ending up with a grainy, yellow photo, a better bet would be outside your front door or at the park by your home.

It’s doesn’t show YOU

95% of bathroom selfies involve the obstruction of your face. We’re so busy setting up the shot that we forget to make sure our pearly whites and welcoming eyes are included! You would think having a big mirror in front of you would set you up for picture success, but more often than not, it does the opposite.

It’s not intriguing

The bottom line is that bathroom selfies aren’t intriguing for the right reasons. Of course, people want to see you and what you’re about, but that can be done in better lighting, and circumstances than next to the Porcelain Throne and the almost-gone tube of toothpaste. Next time you’re tempted to snap a bathroom selfie, remember this article and challenge yourself to find new selfie scenery.