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Marlene & Bill

Marlene wasn’t too keen about online dating. That is, until her friend insisted she give OurTime a shot.

“She filled out a profile for me, chose some pictures, handed my laptop back to me and said ‘You have 10 minutes to change whatever you want, then we’re posting your profile,’” Marlene recalled.

The next 10 minutes were filled with Marlene making sure her profile was as authentic and honest as she could make it.

“I figured I would just be completely straight forward,” she told us. “What did I have to lose by writing out exactly who I am and who I was looking for?”

Marlene even included her list of requirements: most have good grammar, love Jeff Foxworthy’s comedy, and must be a true, Christian man.

Enter: Bill Haley. Not only did Bill woo Marlene with an impeccably-written message with all the right grammar, but his profile ensured he was Christian and a great sense of humor. Not only that, but with both Bill and Marlene having lost their first wife and husband, the widowers made an instant connection.

After talking on the phone for hours, Bill suggest they meet to make sure they weren’t wasting each other’s time. Their first date was anything but formal. Donning sweatpants and a messy bun, Marlene and her dogs met up with Bill and his dogs to go on an evening stroll. Three hours went by before the pair knew it and, as they parted ways after their first date/dog walk, Bill asked Marlene to dinner for the next night.

As they sat at a steakhouse about to enjoy a meal together, Bill asked if they could pray before eating and that’s when Marlene knew he was the man for her.

“He’s humble, extremely intelligent, caring, down to earth, and a hard worker,” Marlene gushed. “I really won.”

By March of that year, the two were traveling to Arizona to attend their favorite baseball team’s spring training camp. Upon arriving, the two decided this is where they’d get married — right now.

“Even though we’d only been dating a few months, we realized life is short, we’re not getting any younger and, most importantly, we had found our match,” Marlene wrote us.

So, the two flew into Phoenix, rented a convertible, got married, and spent the rest of their vacation enjoying the baseball team’s training games. Since, the pair have moved in together, seen Jeff Foxworthy perform (twice!), and built a lovely home full of dogs, grandbabies, and love. As of late, Marlene and Bill founded a non-profit organization called HOPE America Disaster Relief, and raised over $10,000 for the Houston hurricane that hit this year.

“We are both truly blessed,” Marlene said. “We are so thankful OurTime gave us a safe avenue by which to meet.”

As for the couples’ advice on dating?

“Be truthful from the very beginning. From your profile to your pictures and even down to your responses. Just be truthful because you have nothing to lose!”

We love your advice and couldn’t be happier for you two, Marlene and Bill. Best wishes from OurTime!